This blog has moved.

This blog has been renamed and moved to a new permanent home.
Please visit the InkWelle blog at

I enjoy my blog and have no plans to ever let it go, but I’ve never felt great about its name: PaisleyBlog. It’s a bit too… adorable.

I have collected far too many domains over the years, and lately I have been dumping the ones that were not actively being used. But InkWelle was one that I couldn’t bear to let go… and that’s a long story that I’ll not go into here.

My solution: I love the InkWelle name, so why not use it for my blog? My blog is the same as it ever was. Now it has a name that to most of you will seem shiny and new, but to me it is the name an old and dear friend.

Goodbye PaisleyBlog: Hello InkWelle.



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